Bob Morhard provides explosives expert witness testimony and expert consulting for cases involving explosives; propellants, pyrotechnics, detonators, explosives safety and accident claims, or criminal cases involving explosives.

​Expert for the DEFENDANT:  City of Riverside, California v. Goodrich Corporation d/b/a B.F Goodrich Company, et. al., (Defendants), Superior Court of the State of California, City of Los Angeles BC376008 (Ammonium Perchlorate)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  Mariana Baldridge (Plaintiff) v. Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks, LLC., et. al., (Defendants), State of Texas, District Court, 413th Judicial District, Johnson County, Texas DC-C201600111 (Pyrotechnics)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  State of Louisiana, Military Department, Department of Public Safety, and State Police (Plaintiff) v. Crum And Forester Specialty Ins. Co., and Seneca Specialty Ins. Co. (Defendants), State of Louisiana,26th Judicial District, Webster Parish,  73 438-F (Explosives)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF: Cranbury Brick Yard, LLC (Plaintiff) v. United States of America, The United States Navy, The United States Department of the Army (Defendants), In the U.S. Court, District of New Jersey 15-02789 (PGS) (LHG) (Explosives Ordnance)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  The State of Oregon (Plaintiff) v. Bruce Allan Turnidge (Defendant), State of Oregon, Supreme Court (Murder)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  James Michael Green (Plaintiff) v. Mag Instruments, Inc., Grady Whiddon and Pestmax Pest Control Services, LLC. (Defendants), State of Texas, 125th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas 2016-40830 (Propellant)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  Takata Corporation and its subsidiaries, including TK Holdings, Inc. (Defendant) v. Patricia Mincey (Plaintiff), Circuit Court 4th District, Duval County, Florida, 15CA000377 (Automotive Airbags)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  La Vellar Mitchell individually and for the Estate of Maurice Mitchell, Deceased (Plaintiff) vs. Raytheon Company d/b/a Raytheon Missile Systems; and Lockheed Martin Corporation d/b/a Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (Defendant), United States District Court, Western District of Arkansas, 1:11-1046-SOH (Missile Propellant)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  The People of the State of California (Plaintiff)vs. Richard Fox (Richard Barrett) (Defendant) Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, SCE 319078 (Murder)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  The Queen (Plaintiff) v.  Benjamin Harris (Defendant), Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, London, England, UK (Pyrotechnics)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  Wanda Ovalles, Individually and P.P.A. Ovalles and Wilson Ovalles (Plaintiff) v. Sony Electronics, Inc., Best Buy Co., Inc., FOXCONN International, Inc. (Defendants), United States District Court, District of Rhode Island, 14-137M (Propellant)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  Johnny Barrett  (Plaintiff) v. Pyrotechnics Specialties, Inc. & California Insurance Co. c/o Applied Risk Services (Defendant), U.S. Court, State of Georgia (Pyrotechnics)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  MAXAM (Plaintiff) v. Graham (Defendant), Australia Federal Court, Perth, Western Australia (Explosives)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  Gavilan Peak Estates, LLC (Plaintiff) v. John J Flynn, American Security Investments, Wendy Berns, et. al.  (Defendants), State of Arizona, Maricopa County, 2015-054086 (Explosives Ordnance)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  Jennifer Plank-Greer (Plaintiff) vs. Big Bucks Firearms & Sporting Goods, Inc. (Defendant), United States District Court, for the Northern District of Ohio, Toledo Division 3:13-CV-01266 (Explosives)

​Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  (Hammonds and Rodriguez (Plaintiff) v. United States of America, The United States Department of the Army (Defendants), In the U.S. Court, District of New Mexico (Explosives Ordnance)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  The City of Colorado Springs (Defendants) vs. Ronald J Brown (Plaintiff) U.S. Court, District of Colorado 14-CV-01471 (Explosives)

Expert for the PLAINTIFF:  Rothschild, et al. (Plaintiff), v. U.S. Government (Defendant), United States District Court, Wyoming, 2:15-cv-00030-ABJ (Explosives)

Expert for the DEFENDANT:  Michael Medellin (Plaintiff), vs. Alliant Techsystems Inc. and Alberci Constructors, Inc. (Defendant), United States District Court, Western District of Missouri Western Division 4:11-cv-00654-SOW (Explosives Ordnance)

Expert for the DEFENDANT: Dyno Nobel, Inc. (Plaintiff), vs. Blue Point Capital Partners, L.P. (Defendant), State of New York, Supreme Court, 6600716 (Explosives & Detonators)