Bob Morhard is available to assist in technical evaluations, scientific analysis, testimony and preparation of cases for trial.

Extensive explosives subject matter expertise. Bob Morhard provides expert witness testimony and legal support for plaintiffs and defendants involving explosives, propellants, detonators, and pyrotechnics for accident claims, criminal cases. Bob has provided Expert Witness testimony in US Federal Court under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 and in US State Courts, New York State Supreme Court, Canada, Ireland and Germany.

Bob Morhard provides explosives expert witness testimony and legal support on cases involving explosives; propellants, pyrotechnics, explosives safety and accident claims, or criminal cases involving explosives.

Bob Morhard has provided Expert Witness Testimony for Plaintiffs and Defendants with approval from the following courts:   

    • US and State Courts including the New York Supreme Court   

    • Canadian Courts   

    • European Court of Justice​   

    • High Court - Ireland and Germany

Bob Morhard provides Expert Witness Testimony for cases involving
• Explosives
    • Detonators and Initiation Systems
​    • Propellants
    • Explosives manufacturing
    • Emulsion explosives technology, formulations, equipment, process management and plant installation
    • Explosives, pyrotechnical and propellant disposal
    • Explosives security
    • EOD and IED's
    • Blast design
    • Explosives sales and marketing
    • Explosives safety
​    • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Explosives Hazards and Operability (HAZOP) Reviews
    • Hazards classification facilitation of new explosives substances and articles in accordance with the United Nations standards:
      The Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods "Manual of Tests and Criteria"

    • DOD Contractors Safety Manual For Ammunition and Explosives (DOD 4145-26-M)

    • Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Management of Change (MOC)

    • OSHA Process Safety Management Compliance and Citations

    • DOT, BATF and EPA Compliance and Citations

    • UN and DOT explosives packaging design

    • Explosives Import / Export

    • Explosives logistics

    • Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DFAR)

    • NAVSEA OP 5 - Ammunition and Explosives Safety Ashore

    • AMC 385-100  US Army Safety Manual

    • DOD 6055.9 - DOD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

    • MIL-STD-882D Department of Defense Standard Practice for System Safety

    • TB 700-2  NAVSEAINST 8020.8C Department of Defense Ammunition and Explosives Hazard Classification Procedures

    • Explosives site contamination and remediation