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Founder and Managing Partner of Zukovich, Morhard & Wade,
LLC (sold in Feb 2013) ZMW designed, permitted, fabricated,
installed, commissioned and provided ongoing technical support
for sixty-nine (69) new or upgraded explosives and propellant
manufacturing facilities. For more than 14 years, ZMW provided
technical services for explosives materials manufacturing and
safety for eight of the top ten multinational explosives producers ​
and the top three largest ​multinational mining companies.

Participated in the development and implementation of more than
80 internal plant and external plant emergency action and safety
​plans for explosives, detonator, propellant and pyrotechnics facilities.

ExploConsult explosives consulting and experienced process hazard analysis (PHA), hazards analysis and operability studies (HAZOP), quantitative risk assessment (QRA) related to explosives, propellants and pyrotechnic processing, operations, handling, use and disposal. As a trained HAZOP leader, I was on teams that conducted more than eighty-five (85) PHA, HAZOP and QRA studies.  

Prepared applications for UN Hazards Classification and performance packaging designs for more than forty (50+) new unknown explosives substances and articles in accordance with the United Nations standards: “The Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods” and "Manual of Tests and Criteria".    

ExploConsult explosives consulting and exploconsult professional qualifications include expert witness testimony and legal support involving explosives, propellants, detonators, and pyrotechnics for accident claims, criminal cases. Provided explosives expert witness testimony in compliance with the US federal rule of civil procedure 26 and legal support involving explosives, detonators and propellants as a result of legal action and in courts in New York, Missouri, California, Texas, Pennsylvania; and outside the USA in Ireland, UK, Germany, Russia, China and Korea.

Extensive training and experience with explosives accident investigations in accordance with industry standards and the US Department of Defense Contractors Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives (DOD 4145.26-M), US Department of Defense (DOD), US Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA), US Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), US Department of Transportation (DOT) and US Department of Energy (DOE) regulations and guidelines concerning explosives, propellant and pyrotechnic manufacture, handling and use. 

Served on many European and US explosives and regulatory committees since 1979. Member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers since 1981. Participant since 2002) of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee on Explosives (NFPA 495) and Safe Havens for Vehicles Containing Explosives (NFPA 498); the NFPA publishes standard and model regulations, the basis for many countries explosives regulations including the USA.

US Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians are technicians are responsible for the identification, disarmament, handling and disposal of US and foreign improvised explosive devices (IED), conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical munitions.

Extensive technical training in explosives:  US Air Force and US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) School , US Army Missile Maintenance School , US Army Chemical and Biological Weapons Disposal School, US Air Force Nuclear Weapons Disposal School , US Navy Explosives Safety School , US Navy Propellant Manufacturing School , US Air Force Explosives Safety School and US Air Force Weapons Mechanic School

US Air Force Educational Achievement Medal, US Air Force Presidential Unit Medal

Provided briefings and subject matter expertise on explosives to the US Department of Defense, US Army, US Navy, US Air force, US agencies including the FBI, ATF, EPA, OSHA and TSA and Homeland Security.

Provided briefings and subject matter expertise on explosives and testified in front of the US House of Representatives committee on governmental reform and the US House of Representatives subcommittee on national security.

Provided briefings and subject matter expertise on explosives to select members of the white house staff on homeland security, select members of the us senate (Senators Spector, Clinton, and Santorum), select members of the US House of Representatives (congressman shays, Weldon, Lantos, Simmons, and Dent), and the Democratic National Committee (Chairman Howard Dean). 

US Patents: 5,397,176 (System on and Method For Explosives Disposal) and 7,277,015 (System and Method for Explosives Detecting, Tracking, Monitoring and Identifying Explosives Materials).  

Bob Morhard is the author of Explosives and Rock Blasting (645 pg. 30,000 copies) and Handbook of Electric Blasting (98 pg.15,000 copies).  

Chosen by the US Government’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Alliant Tech Systems, Inc. To provide technical solutions for recycling former Soviet Union SS-24 and SS-19 ICBM propellant into emulsion explosives under USA and Russian SALT III demilitarization agreements in Ukraine.  

Explosives, propellant, ordnance and missile experience includes demilitarization,
​handling and disposal of propellant from the following weapons:

• USSR SS-24 and SS-19 ICBM
• Minuteman ICBM
• Maverick AGM
• Sidewinder AIM
• Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)
• 70 mm Hydra rocket
• USSR 122 mm rocket
• 5” HVAR rockets
• USSR 100 mm and 125 mm HE and HEAT rounds
• US 105 mm, 155 mm, 8 in. HE and HEAT rounds
• USSR 10 kg tank mine
• US 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm ammunition
• Ejection seat and egress motors
• Recycle of Single, Double and Triple Base propellant
• Ballistic spreader guns
• Propellant Actuated Devices (PAD)
​ • Nerve Agents (GB and VX) Wet-Eye and 155 mm

Extensive regulatory interface involving energetic materials in China, Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Panama, India and New Zealand.  

Since 1979, Bob Morhard has participated on many technical committees within the USA, European Union, Institute of Makers of Explosives, SAFEX International, Mine Safety and Health Administration and many US, European and Russian groups dealing with explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics.   ExploConsult professional qualifications are at your service.

Program director for a technical study funded by the US Trade and Development Agency in cooperation with the US Department of defense to study the feasibility of Identifying and re-cycling conventional ammunition in the USSR. Extensive travel only two months after the breakup of the USSR in 1991. Reported to the US Secretary of defense office. 

Program manager for a USA-German joint venture company recycling rocket propellant and conventional ammunition into industrial explosives operating in former East Germany at a USSR ammunition plant.  Designed 122 mm rocket demilitarization system. Managed RDX re-crystallizer. Assisted in cleanup of scud missile fuel spills by retreating soviet rocket forces. Extensive site work started within one week after Berlin wall fell.


Explosives and Rock Blasting, 624 pg. Textbook 40,000 copies USA 
February 1, 1987 ISBN 0-9616284-0-5

Handbook of Electric Blasting, 98 pg. textbook 20,000 copies  USA 
January 3, 1986

​Recycling and Disposal of Explosives from the Demilitarization of Conventional Ammunition in Russia USA - Joint US and Russian Government Program
February 15, 1994


ExploConsult, LLC.
2014 - Present
ExploConsult, LLC provides expert witness testimony and legal support involving explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, explosives safety and accident claims, or criminal cases involving explosives. Bob Morhard has provided Expert Witness Testimony for Plaintiffs and Defendants in US Federal and State Courts, New York Supreme Court, Canada, Ireland and Germany. Extensive explosives expert subject matter and expert witness testimony experience under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26.

Class One, LLC.
2013 - Present 
Class One, LLC provided technical and commercial technical support for a foreign explosives equipment manufacturer and expert witness testimony in US Federal and State Courts under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26.

Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC.
1999 – 2013 
Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC (ZMW) was a design and build engineering firm that specialized in projects involving explosives and propellants. Our main focus was technology transfer involving explosive and detonator manufacturing. This consulting practice provided technical services for most of the world's multinational industrial explosives and detonator manufacturers with confidential outsourced technical support and technology transfer. This experience took us on a global journey to more than 590 different explosives manufacturing facilities in more than 95 countries worldwide.

ExploTrack, Inc.
2005 – 2009
Provided explosives supply-chain and real-time explosives security solutions worldwide to manufacturers, distributors, and users of explosive, propellant, and pyrotechnic materials. Innovated RFID, GPS and 2-D barcode technologies compatible with electro-sensitive explosive devices.

Explosives Technologies International, Inc. (Formerly DuPont Explosives)
1995 – 1999 
Directed explosives manufacturing, internal USA and international export distribution and sales of explosives and detonators. Managed surface and underground drill rigs as well as 'Rock on the Ground' programs. Managed a 57,000 mT/year bulk explosives business in Kentucky.

ICI Explosives
1990 –1995 
Vice President Operations
Directed explosives and detonator sales, manufacturing operations, logistics, safety, health and environmental compliance. Designed, patented and constructed the world's first commercial explosives waste management facility, still in operation today.

Atlas Powder Company
1984 – 1990 
Corporate Safety Director
Product Manager (Detonators)
Product Manager (Bulk Emulsion)
Technical Training Manager
Technical Specialist
Directed explosives and occupational safety, health and environmental issues in two large plants, 22 subsidiaries and approximately 1,500 employees. Responsible for management for a global detonator and bulk emulsion product line. Integrated the transition of a major technology detonator technology upgrade from Dynamit Nobel (Germany) into the Atlas Powder Company initiation product line. Provided technical support for emulsion technology licensing. Provided direct technical support to end users and employees, prepared technical data sheets, blasting instructor in more than 50 seminars, presented papers at conferences, prepared many publications and worked with early blast modeling and computer technology.

Trojan Explosives
1978 – 1984 
Technical Services Manager
Technical Representative
Explosives and blasting application specialist in the 1 million mT per year Kentucky and West Virginia Surface and underground coal
​mine market.

US Air Force
1974 - 1978
Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technician
EOD technicians are responsible for the identification, disarmament, handling and disposal of US and foreign improvised explosives devices (IED) conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical munitions.